Premium Contact Lenses

With years of experience fitting contact lenses, we’re well-placed to help you find the perfect pair based on your needs, preferences and lifestyle. We’ll also assist with advice, fitting and aftercare, and always monitor our patients for any adverse effects resulting from wearing contact lenses.

Our broad range of contact lens includes:

  • Soft conventional lenses – typically replaced after twelve months
  • Soft disposable lenses – including daily, weekly and fortnightly use
  • Gas permeable lenses – durable, long-lasting and resistant to build-up
  • Mini-scleral lenses – special purpose lenses suited to patients with irregular corneas
  • Ortho-K Lenses – worn overnight, these lenses are perfect for patients, particularly children and young adults, who cannot wear contact lenses through the day but want to minimise progression of their myopia.

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