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Children Frames Bryan Stevens Optometry

We are passionate about ensuring kids are reaching their full potential and learning as much as they can in their vital early years.

Problems with vision can severely impact on a child’s ability to learn.

We offer specialised services for children, including regular eye examinations as well as behavioural optometry to help kids see as clearly as they can.

Behavioural Optometry

Bryan Stevens is a qualified and highly experienced behavioural optometrist. Our comprehensive behavioural optometry services are designed to detect and treat any vision impairments, while also preventing and protecting your child’s eyes from any future problems.

We’ll make a careful and detailed assessment of your child’s vision, and provide our recommendations on the most relevant and effective solutions. This may include tailored advice on reducing the risk of potential eye problems, prescribing glasses, suggesting the use of tinted or coloured lenses, or arranging Vision Therapy.

Behavioural Optometry Bryan Stevens Optometry

Our children’s behavioural optometry services aim to:

  • Prevent the development of any eye problems or vision complications
  • Treat any vision issues that may have already developed such as short-sightedness or eye turn
  • Develop visual skills
  • Enhance your child’s vision

Ultimately, we want to help your child see the best they can so that they can learn, play and grow to their full potential.

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